English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English as a Second Language program is offered on the Fort St. John campus. The ESL program has several levels. Students take an English proficiency test and a writing test and may be interviewed by an instructor to determine their placement.

Teachers at all levels will emphasize the following:

Pronunciation - Reductions, stress, intonation, rhythm

Testing  - Vocabulary; grammar; writing; reading comprehension; listening comprehension.
Homework - Students have homework and practice English regularly.
General - Concentration on skills necessary to basic and everyday communication. Academic skills for students continuing to university courses.
Canadian Culture - Communication within the homestay situation and how to use the community facilities.

Your English will improve!

We want students to succeed. Our communicative program will help you become more fluent in speaking and writing English. Your reading and listening skills will also improve. Of course, you need to spend time learning grammar. At any level, if you study and practice, you will improve!

The Teachers care!

Our teacher care about our students. They find out about your dreams for the future and help you with your specific English challenges. They will also tell you what you can do in your free time to improve your English. This help you improve faster.

Beginners practice listening and speaking a lot!

At the beginning level, the classes practice listening and speaking a lot. The students learn that vocabulary is very important. They practice speaking the way English people speak. This helps listening comprehension, too. It is important to be able to hear and speak English first because our host families and people in our town like to talk to international students.

Our students have good writing skills!

After our students can hear and understand English better, the classes spend more time reading and writing. They continue learning new words that they find when they are reading. They try to practice using the words to write about what they read or think about some topics. Some of our students who did not think they could write well now have very good writing skills.

We are excited about our program!

All of us are excited about our program and hope you can join us. The instructors will help you learn to speak with confidence. You will learn vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. Let us help you fulfill your dream to learn English.

Imagine that . . .

  • You never have to worry about your personal safety
  • Your teachers call you by your Name:  
  • Your host family is taking you camping on the weekend
  • Your English has shown steady improvement
  • Everybody liked the food dish you brought to the International pot luck meal
  • Last night you saw the aurora borealis (Northern Lights)
  • Your teachers take the time to talk to you when you approach them outside of class

If you want to study in a small safe college and community where the teachers care about you, and the Canadian students and townspeople welcome you, Northern Lights College is for you!

Please email inted@warwickbs.org to obtain more information.


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