Fun Activities in the Peace Region

International students who study at Northern Lights College have fun!

The international education staff members at NLC understand that students are coming to Canada to benefit from our high standard of education and to experience our Canadian lifestyle. We choose to make that experience a positive one.

Our teachers have taken students tobogganing in the winter, or for a game of basketball in the fall. Some of the outings that our international students have had the opportunity to enjoy include: bowling, California Kickball, road hockey, basketball, horseback riding, Ultimate Frisbee, corn roasts, barbecues, potlucks, visits to nearby farms, golf, museum visits, dancing, ice skating, sliding, skiing/snowboarding, billiards and viewing the Aurora Borealis.

Doig Days is an annual event that our students attend (usually in May). During this event our students learn about the culture of the Native Americans in our area; they also have the privilege of being able to watch the Native Americans present their cultural dances.

International students studying English as a Second Language at Northern Lights College go camping. Every year our teachers take the students to a local camp to spend the night and to have an amazing time doing many outdoor activities.

If that isn’t enough… we have had our students participate in our local parades, paint beautiful flower pots for city beautification, volunteer in the local schools and for a variety of special projects.

Northern Lights College is committed to excellence in both intellectual and cultural education.

If you would like to read about some of the first-hand experiences of International Education students while attending NLC, check out PeacEzine, a website produced by NLC International Education students and staff.


Recreational activities are arranged on a regular basis for international students at NLC.