Faculty & Staff

As a staff member at Northern Lights College, much of the information you need as part of your daily responsibilities is available online.
Please see the Side Menu for links to webpages or information that is available on the main NLC website.
Click below for a direct link to important websites external to the main NLC website.

NLC portal, including link to WebAdvisor: myapps.warwickbs.org as well as a link for: the Office 365 resource page


Information available here includes: Online courses/program information; Education Council member agendas and documentation; Board of Governors member agendas and documentation; and Administration Committee member agendas and documentation.

Staff Only Site

Information available here includes: Hiring Package information and documentation; General forms, information and FAQs; Benefits package information; and Information Technology (IT) FAQs and information.

Online Email links:

Email (OWA)       (This is for mailboxes that are on-premise)

Office 365 online email    (This is for mailboxes that have been migrated to the Office 365 cloud)

- If you are not sure which link is the correct one for you, phone the helpdesk at ext. 7566, thank you -


Web Advisor (only): Information available here includes: Class and Grades information (for Faculty); Budget information; Position and Leave Plan information and Purchase Order information.

Maintenance Connection (Work Order)

Submit a Work Order: If you require assistance or have a specific issue; or a request for work that is required to be done; or reporting of a non urgent technical issue. Please include a detailed description with the specifics of the issue you experiencing. If information is missing this can impact time to complete your work order.

IT Work Order Cheatsheet