Letter grades are used in a number of regular programs except where percentages grades are required by Provincial and external agency sources. Academic course grades,translated to grade points, are used to determine the grade point average (see Grade and Evaluation chart Appendix A).


The following list of percentage equivalents for letter grades is used for calculating letter grades through the semester and for final grade purposes.

   A+ 95 %      
   A   90 %      
   A-  85 %      
   B+ 80 %      
   B   75 %      
   B-  70 %
   C+ 65 %
   C   60 %
   C-  55 %
   D   50 %
   F   Below 50 %


A student’s GPA is calculated by dividing the total grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted. Total grade points earned are equal to the number of course credits multiplied by the grade point value assigned to that grade. The calculation only applies to those courses where credit hours are used as part of the course description, e.g. the course SOCI 101 – 3 is Sociology at the 100 level (first year) and has three credits (credit hours).


For transcript purposes, the following grade definitions will be used:

AG    Annotated Grade*                                            P       Pass**

AUD  Audit* (Academic)                                           RW    Required to Withdraw

DNC  Did Not Complete (Vocational)                          T       Transfer Credit* (Academic)

INC    Incomplete* (Academic and Career Technical)   W      Withdrawal*

NC    No Credit* (Academic)                                      NGR  No Grade Submitted

NSH  No Show

                       * Not included in grade point average

                       ** Not included in grade point average, however, credits are earned


  • AG Annotated Grade – A student on a modified regular program due to a disability may be awarded an Annotated Grade (AG) to indicate successful completion.
  • AUD Audit (Academic) – An Audit student attends class but is not evaluated. No credit is granted.
  • DNC Did Not Complete (Vocational) – If a student does not officially withdraw or complete the course, s/he may be given a ‘Did Not Complete’ (DNC) grade.The student must have achieved a passing grade at the time of leaving.
  • ENR Enrolled – The ‘ENR’ has no value for calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA). Rather, it indicates a student is enrolled in the course and no grade has been received by the Registrar’s Office.
  • INC Incomplete (Academic and Career Technical) – An ‘Incomplete’ (INC) grade may be assigned where, due to unforeseen but fully justified reasons, a student was unable to complete the course requirements and needs additional time. A Student Contract (form available at Student Services) outlining the conditions for removal of the ‘INC ’is written by the instructor and signed by the student. A final grade is assigned when the work agreed upon has been completed and evaluated. The Student Contract must be completed within one semester, following the end of the semester in which it is assigned. Failure to meet the requirements of the Student Contract will result in the ‘INC’ grade reverting to an ‘F’ grade.
  • NC No Credit (Academic) – Credit not granted. If a student does not officially withdraw and does not complete the course, the student may be given a ‘No Credit’ (NC) grade. The ‘NC’ grade is granted only in exceptional cases where evidence is provided of unforeseen, but fully justified reasons, for non-completion of the course. Thus, the ‘NC’ grade may be used where an ‘INC’ grade requirement may not be met.
  • NGR No Grade Submitted – No grade submitted at time transcript was issued.
  • NSH No Show – If a student has registered for a course but has neither attended the course nor officially withdrawn, s/he will receive a ‘No Show’ (NSH) grade.
  • P Pass – The ‘Pass’ (P) grade is used when a percentage grade is not appropriate. The ‘P’ grade indicates that a student has attended the course and has met the minimum standard or better.
  • RW Required to Withdraw – A ‘Required to Withdraw’ (RW) grade is issued when a student must withdraw from a course/program for non-academic and/or academic progression issues.
  • T Transfer Credit (Academic) – The College has granted credit for academic course work completed at another institution.
  • W Withdrawal – For the grade to be recognized as an official ‘Withdrawal’, a student must withdraw within the time frame specified in the Course Change/Withdrawal section.


  • ATT    Attended
  • EC     External credit assigned
  • P       Pass
  • F       Fail
  • NSH  No Show
  • W      Withdrawal

Grades and Evaluation Chart

Letter                                                          Grade
Grade                                                          Point

 A+           Distinguished Achievement            4.33

 A             Distinguished Achievement            4.00

 A-            Distinguished Achievement            3.67

 B+           Above Average Achievement          3.33

 B             Above Average Achievement          3.00

 B-            Above Average Achievement          2.67

 C+           Satisfactory Achievement              2.33

 C             Satisfactory Achievement              2.00

 C-            Satisfactory Achievement              1.67

 D             Marginal Achievement                   1.00

 F             Satisfactory Achievement               0.00