Youth Explore Trades Sampler Program

Program Description

Youth Explore Trades Sampler (YETS) is intended to introduce students in grades 9 - 12 (primary focus is grades 10 and 11) with the opportunity to sample trades prior to engaging in the commitment required to complete a classic dual credit or apprenticeship educational pathway. YETS allows students to make an informed choice regarding a choice of study which may interest them. It is intended to help students gain a clearer understanding of the standards, material, instructional methods and academic performance associated with apprenticeship training. This course provides a well aligned entry point into the Dual Credit Trades and Apprenticeship opportunities available at Northern Lights College. Students will be exposed to 5 trades and participate in the WEX program with their local school district to complete a 2 week work practicum in partnership with this opportunity.


Location: All Campuses

Length: 12 weeks / 360 hours

Start: February

Fees: Current Fee Schedule

Admission Prerequisites

Grade 9-12 enrolled student

Important Notes

  1. The program is affiliated with SD59, SD60, SD81 and the ITA
  2. The program is NOT eligible for Canada Student Loans.
  3. The information on this program page is a summary of the official Program Completion Guide approved by NLC’s Education Council. Download a PDF of the Program Completion Guide.

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