Type Training

Type Training is the Transport Canada approved field maintenance courses for specific types of helicopter airframes and engines. Our instructors have experience in maintenance under field conditions. Airframe and Engine Types taught are: Bell 205 series airframes, Honeywell T53 series engines (Lycoming); and Lycoming LTS 101 series engines. In addition, online courses are available. Please refer to the Transport Canada website for detailed license information.

Bell 206 electrical system training is now available online.
For more information email ce@warwickbs.org


Type Training

Field Maintenance courses for specific types of helicopter airframes and engines that are Transport Canada approved and meet the training required by regulation prior to exercising the privileges of the AME licence to certify maintenance completed on Canadian registered, turbine powered helicopters. Our Type training program has attracted students from around the world looking to upgrade their certification.

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for: Bell 206 Series Airframe (ROTO-121) and C20 Rolls Royce (ROTO-120)
or Bell 204/205 (ROTO 119) and Lycoming T53 (Roto-124)

NLC AME Graduates will receive a 20% discount off tuition when registering.
Please let us know you are a graduate when you are registering.
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